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Processing FHA and VA Condo Approvals

Having your condominium FHA and or VA-approved makes it appealing for almost all home buyers. In addition, condominium approval expands the pool of buyers for new units and resale units. However, it is a time-consuming process to get your properties approved. Fortunately, Project Support Services is here to assist you with FHA and VA condo approvals nationwide.

A Track Record of Success

For over 30 years, Project Support Services has been assisting builders, developers, property management companies, lenders, and condo association boards in obtaining FHA or VA approvals for condominium communities. We’ve been involved with more than 3,000 project filings with these agencies through the years.

We provide our clients with comprehensive and responsive communication during the review, submission, and approval process. Project Support Services’ main goal is to get the required approvals so that lenders can offer the different financing programs needed in today’s lending environment.

Modern Condominium with Swimming Pool

We manage the approval process successfully by navigating the requirements and paperwork of the agencies. We know what exhibits are required and what those exhibits should contain. Whether it is an approval for FHA or VA condominium projects, Project Support Services has the years of experience to help.

We take pride in our expertise in identifying the unique requirements of each project and bringing them all together to ensure that the FHA or VA approval process will run smoothly. Our team assumes the burden of handling the time-consuming paperwork. Project approvals are all that we do, and this focused specialization makes us better equipped to offer quality services and solutions for our clients.

We help make it easier for you to process the US Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD)’s property eligibility requirements and have your condominium added to the FHA-approved or VA-approved condos list. Learn more about our services; contact us.
Modern Condominium with Swimming Pool

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