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FHA Approvals for Established Projects & Recertifications

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FHA Condominium Approval 
Fact Sheet

FHA Eligibility Requirements 
for Established Condominium


For over 30 years Project Support Services has assisted developers, builders, lenders, management companies and condo association boards in obtaining Fannie Mae, FHA and/or VA approvals for condominium communities.  To date we’ve been involved with over 3,000 project filings with these agencies.  We provide our clients with clear, responsive communication during the review, submission and approval process.  Our sole goal is to obtain the required approvals so that lenders can offer the different types of financing programs required in today’s lending environment.

We successfully manage the approval process by navigating the paperwork and requirements of the agencies. It is critical to know not only what exhibits are required but to know what those exhibits should contain.  Whether it is an FHA or Fannie Mae project approval, Project Support Services has the years of experience to help.

We are very proud of our ability to identify the specific, unique requirements of each project and bring them all together to assure a smooth process.  We assume the burden of handling the paperwork that can be so time-consuming for those who have better things to do with their time.  Project Approvals are all that we do.  Because of this focused specialization we are better equipped to offer quality services and solutions for our clients.

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